SPECIAL ISRAELI DANCE PARTY THIS WEDNESDAY, 4/30 (chance to win Free Camp Rikud/Free All-Expense Paid Trip to Israel!)

This Wednesday night will be an exciting night as we will be holding our Israeli dance contest with an opportunity to win a free weekend at Camp Rikud and a free all-expense paid trip to Israel (offered by Gadi Bitton).


1.      EVERYONE will be dancing the entire night – probably more than usual.  No one will be sitting down.  You will not be sitting out watching others dance for more than 3 minutes the entire night!

2.      Class will be held as usual.  Regular class will be from 7:30 – 9 pm.

3.      You will never feel like you are competing unless you are in the final 3 minutes of the contest.  All of the judging is positive and no one will ever be told they are not doing well.  This contest is held in a very non-competitive, non-threatening manner.  It is all done in good spirit, and you will not even realize you are competing.

4.      Yes – you are all doing what you do every week with the only difference being that a few of you will be rewarded with some really great prizes!

So come and enjoy. I will see you this Wednesday at this special event (regular Wednesday night location, 11661 W. Olympic Blvd., West LA).