Rikud News + San Francisco Workshop

Over 200 people have already signed up for Camp Rikud with limited space left.  Make sure not to miss one of the dance events of the year that just got even better (Memorial Day Weekend)!  Again!

TOMORROW! SAN FRANCISCO WORKSHOP/PARTY THURSDAY, APRIL 24th:  For my Bay Area friends, tomorrow I will be joining Karina Lambert’s session for an exciting evening of Israeli dance tomorrow night, April 24th.  Start time 8:30 pm; Karina’s regular session. (625 Hamilton Ave., 2nd floor, Palo Alto).  For more information, contact Karina at:  karinani@ymail.com

Champions of Israeli Dance Contest

The Southern California “Champions of Israeli Dance” Contest will take place Wednesday, April 30 at David’s regular location. The class will begin at 7:30 as usual, and the contest will begin at 9pm.

With participation and leadership by Gadi Bitton and others, a contest has been announced called the Champions of Israeli Dance.  It will be comprised of a circle dance category and a partner dance category.  In Israel they will host three regional contests and subsequently the finals, which will be held sometime in the Fall, date and location to be announced.  North America, under my leadership, will participate as well.  The North American winners will each receive an expense-paid trip to Israel and will represent us in the finals!

The winners of 12 regional contests in North America will receive free tuition, room and board to his year’s Camp Rikud which takes place over Memorial Day weekend in Malibu, California!

The 12 target cities/regions are: Texas (already completed), Boston, NY, Philadelphia, DC, Miami, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto, LA/Southern California, San Francisco/Bay Area, and Vancouver.  The contests are to be completed by early May so as to give the regional representatives enough time to make their arrangements to attend Rikud.

Los Angeles will be the hub for the San Fernando Valley, Orange County, and San Diego.  Dancers from these locations (and anywhere else in our area for that matter) will be invited to join us on Wednesday night, April 30, 2014 for our party and contest.  Apologies in advance to our out-of towners for the inconvenience of doing this on a week day.  We’re hoping you can come anyway.

So how is this going to work?
The intent is to incorporate the contest into our regular harkada.  Essentially, we will all dance like we always do for fun, using our regular repertoire.  During the first round, the judges will be watching for knowledge of the dance, style that is consistent with the type of dance, and dance skill.  At the end of that round, the semi-finalists will be identified.

When we dance the next round, the semi-finalists will dance inside the circle with the rest of us dancing on the outside.  At the end of this round, the judges will select the finalists (say 3 or 4 participants).  And then we will have the final round.  At the end of that round, we will all vote, using the “applauseometer” to select our representatives to the North American Finals at Rikud.  (By the way, we’ll do it in such a way that the finalists will not see the applauding so they won’t know until the final announcement who the winner is.)  We’ll use the same approach both for the circle champion and the partner champions.


Israeli dancing is an inclusive, community-building activity.  It is non-competitive and we are consistently trying to help new and less-experienced dancers get up to speed so that they can enjoy this activity that we all love.  This contest is being held within that context.  It is our hope and intent that we will all be helping each other out during what will be a very fun event.  We will all be able to join in the excitement of choosing dancers to represent us at Rikud and ultimately maybe even in Israel!!!

If you have any questions or comments about all this, please let me know.  I am very much looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday, April 30th and I hope you will become our representative!